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  Facts about Joe Samples Well Drilling:
  • Our technicians are required to obtain continuing education which allows us to offer the best troubleshooting and repair services.
  • Installation and service records are kept on a computer database so that we know what to expect when we arrive. Our database dates back as far as 1969.
  • We have a computer database for retrieval of historical information regarding well/pump/water treatment systems dating back to 1969.
  • We maintain a modern fleet of service trucks that allow the most reliable service in the region.
  • Service trucks are well-stocked in order to handle any situation that may arise once we arrive.
  • We have phone contact with service crews to expedite service to you.
  • Our product and service warranty program is second to none.

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Joe Samples Well Drilling can design, install, and repair your water well pumping system. We warehouse all components necessary to install and repair your water system in order to maintain the most reliable and most efficient service available. If you should have problems with your well system, we strive to maintain same-day service for your immediate needs.

Conventional Residential Pump System
There are several factors to take into consideration when properly sizing a submersible pump system that will stand the test of time. Well depth, estimated yield of water supply, static (standing water level), drawdown (pumping water level), and offset distance (from well to pressure tank) need to be equated to insure that your submersible pump system will meet water usage needs effectively and efficiently. According to the State of Tennessee regulations, pumping systems must be installed and serviced by licensed professionals. The efficiency of a water system is entirely dependent on proper pump selection and system installation.

Submersible pumps are the most reliable and efficient means of water delivery on the market today. When it comes to submersible pumps, you usually get what you pay for. That is why Joe Samples Well Drilling only carries high quality stainless steel submersible pumps. Other companies may install plastic or bronze submersibles but we have found that a properly sized and installed stainless steel pump will last an average of 15 years with some running over 40 years!!

The main parts of a complete submersible pump system are the pump, piping, pitless adapter, pressure tank, and controls. The pump is all stainless steel construction and consists of a 230 volt electric motor mounted to the pump end. This pump is attached to piping, usually 20 foot joints of threaded PVC, and set to a specific depth. The water line is able to exit the well underground by means of a pitless adapter allowing the water line to stay below the frost line so there is no danger of freezing. The water line and wire is then usually run to a basement or crawl-space where the pressure tank will be located. With a few modifications the pressure tank and controls can be set at a temporary location at the well head if necessary. The pressure tank is a special tank that consists of an air "bladder" that is located inside the steel tank. This air bladder allows the pump system to "build pressure" as the pump pushes water into the tank and compresses the trapped air. The pump is then turned off by a pressure switch that detects when proper cut-off pressure has been met. When a spigot is opened, the compressed air pushes the water out of the tank and will continue to do so until the cut-on pressure is met and the pump is turned back on.

Constant Pressure Pumping System
Constant Pressure water systems are designed to provide you with continuous flow of water on demand. Depending on the water usage demands that your family, business, or irrigation system require, there may be times that the demand is greater than a conventional system can provide. Variable speed technology has allowed us to improve your home water system by virtually eliminating pressure fluctuations. Constant pressure water controllers continuously monitor water demand and adjust the speed of your submersible pump to provide the water you need without changes in system pressure. You can take a shower, run the dishwasher, and even sprinkle the lawn, all at the same time. Constant pressure systems feature smooth, quiet operation, a wide variety of pressure settings and built-in pump protection. You can also use a much smaller pressure tank and reclaim much needed space.

Residential Water Systems:
"City-like" pressure
Smaller tank saves space
Heat Pump Systems:
Eliminates need for large tanks
Eliminates pressure cycling
Lawn Irrigation:
Even distribution of water in zones
Consistent pressure in system
Water Treatment Systems:
More efficient back-washing
Eliminates the need for multiple pumps

Joe Samples Well Drilling has the experience, knowledge, and training to recommend and install your quality submersible pump system. To insure the life of your system, we use only brass fittings and tank connections. The use of galvanized fittings can lead to deterioration and lessen the integrity of the system. The use of flat-jacketed submersible cable, top quality piping, the best pressure tanks on the market, and over 55 years of experience give Joe Samples Well Drilling the competitive advantage. We take pride in using only the highest quality components available to give you the best possible water system with years of trouble free service.
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